Tea Tree Oil Acne

There are different treatments available for controlling acne. Among these methods, probably the oldest one is that of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibacterial, fungicidal and germicidal in nature. This particular product is used for treating many of the skin problems and infections such as flu, athlete’s foot, moth ulcers, common colds, cuts, toothaches, abrasions, dandruff and most importantly, acne. Here we will discuss about the different things related to tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is achieved from the distillation of steam of the tea tree leaves. According to many, it is also referred to as “Australian tea tree oil”. It is because the leaves grow only in Australia. It has strong antibacterial effects and so it is used for medicating acne. Also it is used as topical application normally.  Different creams, oils, gels, washes etc. are available in case of tea tree oil as first ingredient.

As bacteria are developed with the sebum that is blocked under the skin layer, acne takes place. The best way to deal with acne is to control it. For controlling it, you will need to diminish bacteria’s growth and regulate sebum’s production in the skin. That’s why super strong antibacterial agent like the tea tree oil has a major role to play in controlling the acne. You can use this product closing your eyes by following the procedures of using it. It has been seen that the people using it have got proven results. So you can use this product with complete faith.

While tea tree oil cleanses your skin, it fights against all kinds of acne bacteria. You will get it different forms like creams, washes and oil. For treating the acne in the best way you will need to mix a few drops of this excellent product in warm water and wash your face with it. By doing so, the unwanted dead cells are taken away and eventually the skin is cleansed. After washing the face, you can apply the cream of tea tree to the areas affected by just giving a gentle touch. If you want effects deeply, you should not wash too frequently. It is because excessive washing can take away the moisture from your skin. So be aware of such things and stay careful while facing washes.

Also the experts advise that you should stay away from sun once you have applied this product to your face. Also it tends to have a drying as well as irritating effect whenever the skin is exposed to the skin. It is only applicable for topical application and you should never take it internally. Most of the beauty products including gets, washes, soaps, shampoos and other things. However, it is good if you check the oil present in them as most of the products consist of only minuscule amounts that have very mild or almost no antibacterial effects.

So use tree tea oil for treating your acne and hopefully you will get the desired results. Then you will be able to lead a happy life.

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